"Free Skinny Me!" – Week 4

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I have had a real problem with motivating myself to since starting this challenge.  It’s like my heart really isn’t in it at the moment.

Whilst I do want to lose the weight I am finding it a bother to point and count and even to log on to Weight Watchers.  Yes, I downloaded the app too, but it’s still too much hassle to remember to fill it in half the time, or, if last week is anything to go by, any of the time.

I’m tending to stick to a bowl of fruit (melon, mainly) in the mornings for breakfast with a mug or two of coffee .  Lunch, as a rule, is a salad or a sandwich if I’m out of the green stuff.  Dinner is whatever the rest of the family is having.  Sometimes it’s a low pointer, sometimes it’s not, but I figure if I’m more careful about what I’m sticking in my mouth the rest of the day it should be ok.

The theory this week has sucked because I have added half a pound.  I am getting fed up of this.  I’m a month into trying to “Free Skinny Me!” and I’m only a pound and a half down from where I began.

I need motivation.

Are you trying to lose weight too?  How are you doing and how do you keep yourself motivated?

Can anyone share any tips or encourage me here please?

Here are my results:

Week 4’s result: Gained ½lb

Current weight: 12st 6½lbs (174½lbs)

Mini goal: To lose 19lbs by week 18

Starting weight: 12st 8lbs

Goal weight: 8st 11lbs (123lbs)

Total to lose: 51½lbs

Total lost to date: 1½lbs

Are any of you joining in?  How are you doing?

If you are trying to lose weight too why not join the quest to “Free Skinny Me!”? You don’t need to be following Weight Watchers to do so and your weigh in day doesn’t have to be a Monday. Just grab the button at the top of this post or in the right sidebar of this blog (the code to copy and paste on your blog is in the text box under the button) and put it on your blog, then come back each Monday to report each week’s weigh in result. You can also write a post on your own blog and leave a link back to it in the comments below so we can visit and leave a message of encouragement or support. You can choose how much or little info to disclose.

You can follow my quest to “Free Skinny Me!” by subscribing to a full feed in your reader.  You can also chat with me throughout the week on Twitter  (click here or search for the handle “@largerfamily” and let me know if you are doing the quest so I can follow you back) and become a Facebook friend too.   Don’t forget that we now have our very own Healthy Living board in our new LFL Family Forums.


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6 thoughts on “"Free Skinny Me!" – Week 4

  1. I am with you all the way here!!!!! Free skinny me isnt going well here either.I am sick to death of STILL seeing 12 stone *** on the scales.I want to see 11 stone then 10 stone before my eldest gets wed!!!!
    Urgh totally depressing!
    Any thoughts???

  2. I too am struggling with my motivation! I really think that the temptation of Christmas chocolate is seriously not helping!

    I am determined to really kick it after my weigh in on Weds! Grilled chicken and salad for a week I think! lol.

  3. Hi, I'm in! Have lost and gained about 7lbs in the past couple of weeks. It seems as soon as I lose some I take my eye off the ball and it's back on again. Start weight- 11st 11lb. Curent weight 11st 6lb. Goal weight- 9st 10. I'm thinking there has to be strength in numbers right? The more of us the merrier… or the skinnier!!!?

  4. Hugs to you both! Tania – you had twins 6 weeks ago. There is no way your body is anywhere back to normal even if you think it should be. Yes, we women can drop babies while we work in the paddy fields and get right back on with it, but it still takes a while for everything to reset. My advice for what it's worth is to keep up with the really healthy eating you're doing, and step back from the scales for a while. Weigh in once a month and not weekly. Maybe your body just isn't ready to let go of the weight just yet.

    This week for me was actually a loss after the 4lbs I gained the week before. I lost 2lbs of the gain, bu will take that as a positive!! It seems very unfair to gain, given that I am doing a half hour circuit (strength, cardio and abs) using a Jillian Michaels DVD 6 days a week, and I also swim about 1.2km once a week and normally go for one walk, plus the running around after the kids.

    I do notice that I am much stronger – things like lifting the small boys (who at 5 years old are 55lbs and tall) have become much easier, and oddly, even though I'm using them a lot more, my creaky knees also seem stronger and less creaky generally 🙂 And I am happier for the regular exercising.

    Tania – I've taken a tip out of your book and cram my circuit training in first thing in the morning (although that's 6am for me, I don't think I could exercise any earlier!!).

    So I guess my exercise tip is to exercise regularly, make it become a habit not something out of the ordinary, have a bit of variety and most of all, find a way to make it work with all your other commitments. For me, that's early morning. Having a reason is good too – for me, it's that in 5 years time when my small boys are 10 year olds, I want to be able to go kayaking and swimming and kick a ball around. I can't do that if I just sit on my butt all day. Smaller jeans are an excellent side benefit. Hope that helps!

    And on the food front, it works much better for me if I can think of what I'm doing as healthy eating rather than dieting. That I am retraining myself to make good choices and be healthier. The South Beach Diet has always worked really well for me, because it breaks my sugar addiction and replaces it with healthier options!

    All the best to you both!

  5. Lisa, everything you've said has made perfect sense. I know I will have to get some exercise started up again but haven't been able to so far (apart from walking) due to having the c-section.

    @B: It's good you've joined us. Hopefully you're right and the more the skinnier it will be!

    @Jenny: Yes, I think you've got a good point. I am thinking of the once a year Christmas treats I'm reluctant to give up. After all, they are only once a year. Perhaps I would be more motivated after Christmas?

    @Fiona and @Rachel: We need a kick.

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