Christmas Vomit

Did you read this morning’s post?

I thought I would update you.

Here we present to you…

… Christmas Vomit.

Does it look familiar in your house?  Do you sympathise?  Do your children like to help?

Please reassure me (and other parents who aren’t brave enough to admit it) and send in your own Christmas Vomit photographs.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Vomit

  1. Yep! Xmas "elves" come in when we're all asleep and rearrange our xmas puke! Older boys don't mind it as it's more excitement for their little brother. 🙂 Which is good as the puke version of the tree seems to entice the cat more than a tidy tree… Not a good combo! lol.
    Sal. X

  2. I have 8 "helpful" elves.

    Last year we bought a new pre-lit Xmas tree. This year the 4yo ha made it his mision to de-light it, by removing the light bulbs one at a time. Currently the middle section is dark.

    The garland is moving upward into a wad and a ball. The ornaments are plastic and the kids 5 and under think it's fun to bounce on the tile floor and then try and put them back on by shoving the branch through the little hole at the top. Those are also slowly moving up the tree and there is a glob of them towards the top. The tree skirt is in the fetal position just waiting for the season to end.

    I'm just waiting for the moment I can take the eye sore down. :-/

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