It is time

There comes a time in every parents life when you have to deal with the things you can no longer put off.

The time I speak of comes every, single year.

It’s the time to put up the Christmas decorations.

Which isn’t a bad thing in itself, I admit.  I enjoy the fun of getting into the Christmas spirit.

But the kids love to “help”.


I use the term loosely.

Because their definition of “helping” is taking every decoration out of the box at once, running through the house after decorating themselves in tinsel and placing every, last bauble within the same, easily reached, 30cm area of the tree.

As we have two baby cribs set up in our living room we have no space for the Christmas tree to reside this year, so we’ve decided to turn the playroom into the “Christmas Room”.

Neither Mike nor I have a particular knack for arranging decorations in a pretty display, so between our lack of decorative flair and the children’s insistence on the aforementioned “helping”, the playroom will likely resemble a vomit-like explosion at a Christmas decorations factory.

Nice image, isn’t it?

Personally, I have half a mind to let Mike and the kids get on with it while I curl up with the twins and watch “The Nativity Story” – my absolute favourite thing to watch at this time of year.

But you know, I’m thinking about it and realising that it’s the times like this that I’m going to look back on with such fondness.  These are the days I’m going to miss when my children are too grown up to “help” in their special, excitable way.  So these are the days I should treasure spending with them, and enjoy making these memories for all of us.

And I will.

As I’m sure you will.

But to all of us parents about to embark on this fun, memory-making part of parenthood I want to say a hearty….

“Good luck!”

I think we’re going to need it.


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2 thoughts on “It is time

  1. I'm hearing you sister, lol!

    We have Gretel's playpen set up where the Tree would normally go, and usually it is set there to protect it and the presents from inquisitive young hands! I think we'll wait until the week before Christmas to set up. 🙂

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