A conversation with my daughter

My daughter and I were having a chat.

We talked about a heap of things.

Everything from what was for dinner that evening to plans and hopes for the future .

Then the conversation turned to hairstyles.

She told me, “Mum, I really want to do something different with it.  It’s just so… boring!“”

“It’s not boring at all.  It’s beautiful!” I replied.

“I think it’s time for a change,” she said.  “I need to express my individuality, you know!”

“Well, maybe a different band or hair decoration?” I suggested.  “Or what about wearing it this way?”

She looked at me.

“Hmm, that’s not quite what I was thinking of.”

We went to bed and I thought nothing more of our conversation.

Imagine my shock the following morning when she came downstairs with her hair like this

Mohican Anna

No, Anna, I do not care that all the cool six week olds are wearing their hair like this, you are not having a mohican and that’s final!


Kids, eh?

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