It’s official! Large families are good for you!

Scientists from the University of California, San Diego, said that higher levels of pregnancy hormones may have lasting effects on the blood vessels, decreasing the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease compared to women who have never had a baby.

Sounds good to me!

You can read more on their findings on how having a big family is good for you here.


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One thought on “It’s official! Large families are good for you!

  1. My friend in America emailed me after I had the twins. She has six children, when pregnant with her two eldest her mother was producing no 11 & 12.The last was at 48!!! haha I can still fit another in!!!! anyway, I was very encouraged when she told me, that she had mentioned our arrivals to her, and at 89 she is still very healthy and more spirtly than her peers!
    I was worried about having twins at my age, people kept saying I wouldnt have much time with them, hearing this gave me such hope! also such encouragement that after 12 chidren she is still healthy!

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