Bigger families "make mothers more miserable"


So what do you fellow sour faced, grumpy-knickered mums of many make of that?

6 thoughts on “Bigger families "make mothers more miserable"

  1. Guess I better work on being miserable. I didn't know I was supposed to be miserable.

    With a bunch of little ones running around how can one be miserable? Guess they need more cuddle time with thier kiddos.
    That always works for me!

  2. That is a nice and worth reading article. But I have grown up in a joint family system, i.e, in a bigger family, and I think that bigger family has more advantages, then the disadvantages. Children used to learn attiquates and way of living from so many people, and also that they learn to be unite. I am in favor of bigger families 🙂

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