Things ain’t what they used to be

I am not ashamed to admit that I am really looking forward to the Royal Wedding.  I know, it’s just not cool to admit it.  However, my days of trying to be remotely cool are long gone.  Goodness knows I failed miserably when I tried but, ironically, became much happier when I stopped.  So now I’m uncool but happy.

Nowadays, now that I have the freedom age brings with it which permisses uncoolness, I can say that I like what I like and I like a good old Royal Wedding. So when I saw the Knit Your Own Royal Wedding book this morning I squealed with delight.  Oh I would love to have a copy of this, so I would! Look at it! Why do I get the impression nobody else is quite as excited as me?  I’m re-living Mike’s reaction this morning to my high pitched  “Look at this!” cry.  He shook his head.  He rolled his eyes.  Then he did both together. Out of the two of us I like to think I’m slightly cooler, being younger and all.  I think I’ll need to reconsider that thought.

The Royal Wedding reminds me of my nan.  She’d be loving this if she were here.  I can hear her now, marvelling at how beautiful Kate Middleton is and how much William is like his mother, finishing her sentence with a sigh and a “poor Diana”.  All in Greek of course.  Because that’s what she spoke.  And I have to say I am looking forward to little girls having a real princess as a role model once again.  I’m sick to death of seeing five year old Hannah Montana and Britney wannabe’s.

I was six when Prince Charles and Lady Diana got married.  Things were different then.  It wasn’t as uncool to admit you were excited about it.  Perhaps, thinking about it, it just wasn’t uncool for a six year old girl to be excited about it.  There were street parties everywhere.  There was bunting and flags and everyone was happy.  I think my dad still might drink his coffee out of the commemorative Charles and Di mug.  My nan let me keep all the pull-out specials in her TV mags and she bought me a big scrap book for my cuttings.  It was, quite literally, just a book scrap book of cuttings.  Nothing was neat or decorative.  Scrap bookers of today would be ashamed of me.

Nowadays, it seems different.  The excitement doesn’t seem as palpable as it was then.  The kids don’t seem to be bothered, probably because many adults are indifferent.  Or maybe the health and safety jobsworths are making it different.  There’s so much worry about slipping, falling, tables collapsing, streamers tripping you up or flag poles finding their way up your nose and through your eyeball that they’re stopping all the fun of the good old street party.  There are so many rules and regulations now that people probably think it’s just not worth it.  And I won’t mention the money that the powers that be make with their charges for everything.

I might take a stand against it all.  I might just buy that book and knit my own little Royal Wedding party.  Then I’ll set them up on our road, complete with a little flag and streamers and even a little table.  I think that could work, don’t you?

2 thoughts on “Things ain’t what they used to be

  1. I haven't really thought much about the wedding coming up so soon. I know I will definitely watch it though.

  2. I remember my mother waking my sisters and I up in the wee hours of the night in order to watch it "live" on t.v. over on our side of the pond 🙂

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