This is what a pound of fat looks like

In yesterday’s post I wrote about how I was okay with the weigh-in results for the week.  I’d lost a pound and was fine with it.  Well, I was fine with it by the time I sat at the computer to blog.  When I first weighed myself and saw that it was a pound loss I was disappointed.  After all, I’d stuck to the ProPoints plan like superglue and  did an hour and a half of workouts a day for six days of the week.  Even though I knew it was TOTM and was expecting a slow down of weight loss I still dared to hope for at least two or three pounds to have magically disappeared.

Then I went to the fridge and took out a pound of butter.  Didn’t seem like such a big deal.  Then I put them into a pyrex measuring jug and put them in the microwave.  A great deal of splattering later and the whole pint jug was full of a hot, yellow, buttery liquid.  Still not convinced, I put it in the fridge.

When it had solidified enough to turn out onto a plate I was finally convinced. It no longer looked like a beautiful, smooth block of butter that makes yummy cakes but resembled more something I could imagine stuck to my thighs making the crater sized dimples on my once fairly toned but now extremely wobbly skin.

Bigger and wider than an apple.  That’s what my “just one pound” looks like.  Weighing almost four apples.  That’s what I’m carrying less of this week.  The first couple of weeks of dieting normally shows a speedy loss.  That’s mostly water.  It takes a couple of weeks before you get to the nitty gritty important stuff.

Shifting the fat.

So next time you get on the scales and your heart sinks because you’ve only lost one pound, come back and look at this picture, or just look at four apples and imagine them as oozing, greasy lumps of lard.  It’s not only a pound.  It’s much, much more.

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