Not good but reassuring nonetheless.

After yesterday’s post I heard from lots of people.  Some offering hugs, some sending their thoughts and prayers but the thing that struck me was how many people had contacted me because they were familiar with what we are going through.

I already knew of the struggles a couple of you have been through while several messages came from people who had written to me for the first time.  One email from a very old friend (old, as in “known a long time” and not aged, I hasten to add), in particular had no chance of stopping the sobs that were stuck in the back of my throat.  This friend, who first hand had seen me make a great deal of my own life’s mistakes, and with whom I gradually lost touch with over the years, still has the great knack for knowing exactly the words to say to me.  Heck, she gets me every time!  Relaying her own challenges and experiences, I’m sure it was no accident that she came across my self pitying post yesterday after a long time away from the techie world.  God knew that I needed her, I’m sure of it.

All the stories and experiences from people, both strangers and friends, have given me reassurance.  Reassurance that it’s not our fault, as we often question ourselves over and over with what we could have done differently or should have done differently so that the mess we’re facing now wouldn’t exist.  Reassurance from those that are also going through the same.  We are not alone, even though sometimes you can hear your own thoughts echoing, so lonely and isolated do you feel.  And, finally, reassurance that it ends.  The ones that have emailed or messaged me to say that they too went through it, in some cases over years, and that no matter how dark the journey was they made it through and they are out of the other side.  There is reassurance and hope and that is just what I needed to know yesterday.

So to everyone that took the time to email, message, send a hug or simply thought of us, I want to say a heartfelt thank you to you all.

Thank you.

And let us all be safe in the knowledge that one day most of these troublesome teens will have children of their own, and we can pray that their own little angels will become teenagers just like they were!

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