Monday Weigh-In (Free Skinny Me): Week 10

Monday Weigh-In

I’ve managed to keep my resolve for a second week and I’m pleased to say that making a firm decision to concentrate solely on ProPoints and to forget how the old plan worked was the right one to make.  Reading through the Weight Watchers message boards it is evident that I’m not the only person who has stumbled with the change.  My advice for anyone in the same boat who is struggling making the change from the original Weight Watchers plan to the ProPoints is simply to forget everything you’ve been told so far.  Start ProPoints as if you are totally new to Weight Watchers at all.  Forget you ever had a relationship and don’t compare the two but remember that WW are a big brand and aren’t about to risk their reputation for something that hasn’t been tried, tested and doesn’t work.  It has to work.

This week I ate most of my points most days.  A couple of days I dipped into my weeklies but only half a dozen or so.  I just didn’t need them this week.  I also earned twenty-something activity points, thanks to daily exercise on the Wii.

Fitting in the exercise is proving a bit of a challenge.  Early mornings are taken up with getting as many chores done as possible and getting the children breakfasted and ready for the day.  The rest of the mornings are spent on lessons while rotating laundry, fitting in other bits and pieces that can be done while lessons are being done and simultaneously bouncing a baby on my lap or carrying him around on my hip.  Then comes lunch time and then the afternoons are there for non workbook activities for the children and is also meant to be the time I ought to be doing the bulk of my chores that I can fit in while baby sleeps before beginning preparing and cooking the evening meal between 3.30-4pm in time for Mike to return home at 4.45pm.  This means that I have between about 1 and 3.30pm to fit everything in that I need to fit in, but this doesn’t always work out and lately I’m getting frustrated that the jobs I need to get done aren’t getting done.

Anyway, I was talking about fitting in exercise.  I find that if I finish sitting with Eddie and his lessons early enough, I can squeeze in a workout while the baby is still awake and the toddler is napping.  It does mean though, that I still have to be available if Cait and Harry need me as they’ll still be working so often workouts can be interrupted to sign something off, to discuss something or simply to tell them to stop talking and get on with their work.  Another thing I’ve tried is to get up at 4am, rather than my usual 5am.  However, it’s not something I think I can make a habit of doing!

Regardless, it’s definitely something I want to keep at as I am enjoying it and do like seeing results.  I’m just going to have to find a way of better using my time during the day for the “need to do” things as well as the “want to do” things.

The night before weigh-ins is always stressful I find, because I’m wondering if I lost or not.  If I didn’t after all the hard work I did putting in the exercise and sticking to the plan religiously, I would be extremely disheartened. My friend came up with the idea that WW should invent a set of scales that plug into your computer and if you haven’t lost weight they’d blow the thing up.  She reckons everyone would make sure they lost weight.  Somehow I don’t think WW would be asking her for the patent to that idea anytime soon.

If this were the case then my computer would be breathing a sigh of relief this week as the scales showed up a 3lb loss, giving me a total loss of 8lbs on my first two weeks on the ProPoints plan.  Not only that but my total loss so far since going back onto WW (original and ProPoints) over the last ten weeks is 1st 2lbs!  My next mini-goal is to lose a further 2½lbs, whereby I’ll have lost 10% of my starting weight.  It would be so wonderful to hit that target next week.

My report for this week is as follows:

Starting weight: 13st 1 (or 183lbs)

Week 10 results: Lost 3 lbs

Current weight: 11st 13lbs (167lbs)

Total loss to date: 1st 2lbs  (or 16lbs)

Amount to lose before freeing Skinny Me: 3st 2lbs (or 44lbs)

2 thoughts on “Monday Weigh-In (Free Skinny Me): Week 10

  1. Hi Tania,

    Keep up the good work!

    I thought I'd start reading some blogs today. Thank you for the kind words. It is very difficult for us since we have struggled for years to grow our family. Praising God for adoption!

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