Looking forward to lunch

It’s a pretty poor photo taken with my phone and doesn’t do the meal any justice at all but this is what I had for lunch yesterday.  It’s what I’ll be having today too.  Not only is it tasty and incredibly filling but best of all it is only 4 Weight Watchers ProPoints! 
I put 2 large flat mushrooms on a baking tray with a couple of chopped shallots.  I cut 50g of Apetina Light 10% feta cheese into slices (2 ProPoints) and placed them on top of the mushrooms, then put them in the oven until the cheese had melted (around 15-20 minutes).  In the meantime, I soaked 20g of bulgar wheat (2 ProPoints), then placed the lot on a lovely, fresh green salad.
It’s eating stuff like this that makes me think, perhaps I can stick to it after all!

One thought on “Looking forward to lunch

  1. T,
    this does look pretty tastey! and yes, you can do it! just don't overwhelm yourself like we allll do thinking o, in 3 months i will have lost or in 6 months i will have lost, take it day by day… meal by meal!
    shelley 🙂

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