The quest to free Skinny-Me resumes

I took a break.

A looooong break that predictably brought bad results.

Bad results in the form of an almost 6lb gain.

Oh dear.

Still, I enjoyed Christmas, I have to admit! I think I’ve just about got the chocolate eating for breakfast thing out of my system for a few months. Well, maybe weeks.

I was given a sharp kick up the behind to get myself back on track. What was it, you want to know? My mother gave me some pyjamas, stating “They should fit. I got the biggest size I could find.”


So I’m back on my quest with a new determination. I’ve dusted down the Wii Balance Board, dug out the Wii Fit and Wii Active and logged back into Weight Watchers Online. This time is it.

Who’s with me?

My updated stats after my extended leave from my quest is as follows:

Starting weight: 13st 1 (or 183lbs)

The cost of skiving: +5½ lbs

Current weight: 12st 7lbs (175lbs)

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