Silence is golden

I’ll bet you’ve enjoyed the peace from my lack of updates, haven’t you?

Christmas came and went and seems like it was so long ago now. Not without its dramas but still, a nice Christmas nonetheless. Caitlin and Joseph did participate in the church nativity, in the roles of Mary and baby Jesus. We missed the previous week’s (and the one and only rehearsal) due to the snow and so were told to turn up at the Church an hour before the service to get a last minute rehearsal in.

We loaded onto the minibus all ready to set on our way when… the engine wouldn’t start. The battery needed replacing – so typical of our already expensive year thanks to the multitude of things which broke down or needed replacing. Plus the fact that a new car batter is not a possibility at 5pm on Christmas Eve.

We had to make the journey to Church in two lots. Mike going with the older kids first, then returning to collect me with the youngers. Thankfully some Church friends of ours offered to bring back half the family after the service which was a relief and for which we were everso grateful.

The mass was lovely though. Eddie and Harry joined in as shepherds with some top notch acting worthy of an Oscar or two. Before the mass, the Priest had asked me to hand Joseph (as baby Jesus) to Cait over in the chapel, so that she could walk carrying him onto the altar. Not being used to carrying and walking with the heavy lump that is Joseph she had been nervous.

So was I.

“Don’t drop my baby!” I pleadingly whispered as I handed my precious bundle to her halfway through their Nativity performance.

“I’m NOT going to drop him. I’ve GOT him!” she growled back through gritted teeth. Most unlike Cait.

I pattered back to my seat whispering to Mike, “She snarled at me!”

The final few minutes were long with me praying really hard that Joseph wouldn’t wake and start wriggling because then she’d be in trouble and let me tell you, that boy can wriggle!

He didn’t. She didn’t drop him and I was a very relieved mummy once I had him back in my arms.

“You snarled at me!” I told Cait, still stunned.

“Did I?” she asked.

Then she thought about it.

“I didn’t snarl,” she told me, “I was acting and smiling!”.

Yeah, right.

Don’t hold your breath for an Oscar any time soon because you’re either a lousy actress or lousy liar. Then again, aren’t they one and the same?

2 thoughts on “Silence is golden

  1. I was just wondering where you've been. Glad to hear from you and to see that you are all well. Sorry to hear about the battery. May you have a blessed and happy new year!

  2. I am sorry but I really had to snicker at this. Sounds like something that would happen in this household. My 9 year old does a little snarl that sends me through the roof every time.

    I hope you all have a good week!

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