Happy Birthday Caitlin!

So this is how quickly 11 years pass by?

You were ten days late into the world during the hottest summer ever.

It might not actually have been the hottest summer ever but it certainly was hot and probably felt much hotter to me. The only way I could keep cool was by sitting in a paddling pool in the garden. Night times were a nightmare and you’d often find me sitting in a tub full of cold water just trying to cool down.

You came screaming into the world after an 18 hour labour following an induction. Several hours before your entrance the midwife announced that it wouldn’t be much longer and your arrival was imminent. Then the contractions stopped.


You were born eventually. That was the only labour which ended up with me haemorraging. Just so you know. Daddy didn’t even notice anything was wrong as he was so wrapped in you. You always knew how to wrap him around your little finger.

Still do.

Happy Birthday Uglyface.

Love you. xx

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