What now?

My first post after our little trip should be full of fun and stories and anecdotes about our time away.

Instead I’m going to tell you that we’ve returned to find our only shower not working. The upstairs bathroom is pretty much unusable, with the shower having been out of use since we pretty much moved in almost four years ago as it seemed to be giving off a bit of an electric shock(!).

Our downstairs shower room has been our saving grace. Until last night when Mike was using it and the circuit shorted causing all the electrics to go down. Looks like something has burnt out in the unit or something. Either way, whatever it is, it’s unusable.

I, having woken up still feeling exhausted and nursing a headache and being completely unable to cool down as it is, now feel like crying at the unfairness of all we’ve been hit with over the last few months.

Instead I’m going to continue to tell the children to stop shouting, which they will ignore, and we will all get ready for church where I shall pray profusely for nothing else to go wrong and cost us any more money we don’t have.

After church, we will return for a quick lunch before setting out to purchase a new shower unit and then will spend the next day or two ringing around to find someone who can replace it for a reasonable price as quickly as possible before we start attracting flies with our collective, non-showered body stench.

4 thoughts on “What now?

  1. Yikes! That isn't fun to come home to. This may sound silly, but do you not have bathtubs over there? We have mainly tub/shower combos. Hoping it works out sooner than later!

  2. I am so sorry. It is hard to have so many unexpected financial obligations all at the same time. We are a little there now, but it has been worse. Still, we have always recovered as I am sure you will. I wish you well, and hope that your shower is up and running soon.

  3. Patty, yes we do have tubs here too. Well, the upstairs bathroom does but the room is quite unusable and needs ripping out and redoing from scratch but is something we still haven't been able to afford to do since moving in… almost four years ago now!

  4. oh, I`m really sorry to hear about your troubles. But everything can happen with us, so we shouldn`t be sad about it. Hold your head high:)

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