It must be Monday

Woke up this morning still feeling tired. The kitchen clock showed a time of 3.50 or something like that. Way too early. Unfortunately it was also incorrect thanks to the battery that needed replacing. The real time was 5.15. No chance of heading back into bed for an hour.

I quickly remembered that the minibus was booked into the garage for a steering box replacement for which we must pay £500 for the privilege. I still haven’t ordered the new books for homeschooling (another £300) and still have to get a few bits and pieces before the new baby arrives. I think I’m going to have to get a little more creative with the budget as it’s just not stretching as much as I need it to, so will have to order in the first few weeks workbooks and get the second half of the order next month or something.

Looks like our plans to start languages with Rosetta Stone need to take a backseat for a while longer. It’s already been a year since I originally intended on getting the software and I’m now wondering whether I’ll ever be able to give them the opportunity of another language. Oh I’m sure I will, it’s just beginning to annoy me (more) that so much has gone wrong and depleted our finances. In fact, it’s a long shot but if anyone has any resources or anything at all we may find useful in our homeschooling that they no longer need please let me know. It’s possible we may be able to offer your unwanted or un-needed books/resources/equipment/stationary a home for a (very, very) fair price.

By the end of breakfast I’d ordered a few items of boys clothes from an online store which was having a sale.  I recently cleared out their drawers and got rid of several bags of clothes that were no longer wearable they were so worn.  Hand me downs are great but when you have several boys in a row that seem to have made an Olympic sport out of seeing who can create the most holes in their clothes, they don’t last quite as long as I’d like.  Still the good thing is that when there’s a sale on, pretty much anything from age 1 up to 9 can be bought.  If it doesn’t fit somebody now it will do in a couple of months or so!

While I was otherwise preoccupied, Oliver decided to empty a bottle of milk out.  Over his head.  I debated ignoring it but thought, after half an hour, that I couldn’t tolerate the stink coming off his hair any longer and stuck him in the kitchen sink for a bath.  Classy hey?

Oliver and Paddy have developed a skill for tag-team pooping.  As soon as I change one the other starts to reek.  Having said that, Sid and Eddie, at some point during the day, will each occupy one of our two toilets at the same time.  With neither of them willing to wipe their own bums at the moment it’s a tough decision for me to make when both yell out “I’m fiiiiiin-iiiiiiiished!”.  Who to go to first?  Normally the one who is a) smelliest and b) in the closest proximity to me for the stench to bother me more will win in the effort to get their bum wiped first.

And to think, I wasn’t going to write a post today because I didn’t think I had anything to say.  Aren’t you glad I changed my mind?

Maybe not.

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