Jump leads

That’s what I need today. It seems to be that I can’t get myself moving this morning. I’ve done what needed doing in the three hours I’ve been up so far but I cannot envisage lasting the day without my eyes shutting at some point. Not a possibility which will become a reality though.

I hit 33 weeks of pregnancy yesterday. The last few pregnancies seem to have gone by faster and faster. This one is no exception and certainly feels like it’s flown by the quickest. It helped that, halfway through, the hospital changed my estimated due date from 6th October to 30th September, thereby knocking a week off instantly. Also, taking into account that Mike and I have decided to opt for the elective caesarean this time which will decrease my pregnancy by another week or two and I’ve lost almost a month of gestation to that I had originally expected.

Nothing is ready yet. I suppose I ought to get going in that department. I did sort out the boys clothes and have two drawers emptied out ready for the new baby. The new baby’s clothes, I mean. Not for the new baby to sleep in. Although at this rate it’s looking likely. Paddy is refusing to give up the cot in the boys room and make the move into the big bed. This means Oliver can’t move out of the cot in our room into the cot in the boys room. Which means the new baby currently has nowhere to sleep. Apart from the drawer. Which in turn means that at this rate the baby will also be naked because we’ll have nowhere to store its clothes.

3 thoughts on “Jump leads

  1. These are hard days…coming to the end of the pregnancy. Hang in there. Do what your body asks – rest and keep those tootsies up.

    My mother use to say as she lay down into bed for the night, "…I've been waiting for this moment since I woke up!"

    Rest up!

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