Let’s set the large family record straight, shall we?

I first saw this video on Father Boyle’s blog a couple of weeks ago and loved it. It made me smile to watch the busyness of a large family (of thirteen children, if I’m correct) held together with such joy and love and yes, even the kiddie tears and disagreements.

This is the truth about large families, or at least all the large families I know of. A world away from the articles I’ve referred to in my last couple of posts, don’t you think?

If you’ve come across anything similar you’d like to share email me at family@largerfamilylife.com. Let’s set the record straight, shall we?!

5 thoughts on “Let’s set the large family record straight, shall we?

  1. My kids crowded around to watch this video as soon as I started it.They commented on the tree, the round "kids table" and (jealously)the new baby. No one said a word about the number of kids in the family. To them it's normal, their experience in a family 0f 10 is so different from mine with 1 sister. And I'm so glad, no one EVER talks about how happy kids are in large families.

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