And if that wasn’t enough, another one stating the "facts" about large families.

Ignore the fact that it reads like a schoolgirl’s essay scribbled over breakfast as her deadline approached and ignore that the writer, like the one in my previous post, states many opinions as “facts” once again without backing them up or linking to supporting studies or evidence.

Read and enjoy (!)

5 thoughts on “And if that wasn’t enough, another one stating the "facts" about large families.

  1. This one is worse than the first one! My kids get more time with me individually than a lot of kids who don't have siblings, not least of all because I choose to be a stay at home mom. My kids all are top in their classes, and have never had any behavioural problems at school. I NEVER use corporal punishment. We are not low income, and our children lack for nothing. Everything this person wrote about is unsupported and just plain hateful.

  2. BRB, Just spit coffee all over my limited technology. That is coffee from my EEElectric coffee maker. Holy cow, My mind is thumping lol Michelle

  3. Hmmm. I wonder what this author would say about my friend who's one of 8 and seven of them are doctors. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the values or priority of education in the home, just sheer numbers! Articles like these are just liberal propaganda. I mean, look around. It seems we're mostly surrounded by morons. Hardly anyone comes from a big family these days, so what's their excuse?

  4. TOTAL utter drivel, as I posted a comment to it to suggest – wonder if it'll be published LOL!
    Dreadfully written piece, worse that schoolkid level, and not an ounce of truth or sense in it.
    BUT, one small thing I will say is that having worked as a volunteer at a family centre many years ago, I do know there are a lot of families in very low income (and intelligence) groups who have lots of kids – they might fit the descriptions given in this article, but they are by no means in that group BECAUSE they are members of a larger family, but the total opposite, so tarring us all with the same brush is just nonsense.
    I won't rant any more – we know who and what we are!!

  5. Tania we all need this rule – don't read anything which hasn't been paragraphed.

    Don't hurt yourself with such nonsense. Hope you are well and no one leaves lego out tonight!

    Sandra xxx.

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