Reap what you sow… but prepare the ground first!

Yesterday was a busily productive one. I’m aware that the phrase there didn’t make sense. After all, I have yet to see what lazily productive day might be. Better still, I’d like to try our a lazily productive day myself and see how that works. Not very well, I suspect.

As Mike had already booked the day off work with a view to flying off to Ireland to check out the farm that wasn’t meant to be (*sigh*), we decided he’d keep the day off and we’d go and tackle the allotment in order to prepare it for our first year of growing on a larger scale than our small garden.

So, all booted up and with tools in hand off we went!

We hadn’t been there for a while and were prepared for a lot of digging and clearing to be done.

Oh dear. That is a lot of clearing that needs doing. Still, many hands make light work, so they say. Even the children had their own tools.

And soon everyone got stuck in, spurred on by the promise of home grown food…

If the promise of home grown food wasn’t enough of a deal-maker there was always the possibility of unearthing buried treasure in the form of rocks, stones, bugs, worms and beans planted by the previous owner.

Fresh air and hard work = Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

After a few hours we hadn’t managed to clear it all, but we got some done.

“Some”  is better than “none”, don’t you think?

We’ll get there.

I hope!

4 thoughts on “Reap what you sow… but prepare the ground first!

  1. Well done you guys – I'm looking at the small part of our "garden" that I want to be my own real garden, and the sheer idea of digging it over is scary – but I ought to do it very soon as we had some rain but it'll dry out and go hard again soon….
    I have the cunning technique of offering my dad a vegetable garden – he does the work, we share the produce?!?

  2. My children have been growing a few bits the last couple of years…they love it. Although the water gets forgotten a lot. :0S

  3. my kids love to garden. I can not decide if we are going to do a garden this year. what all did you plant

  4. we are preparing for planting right now, too! Our big step this weekend was getting up new netting to keep the hens out, they love a nice garden, hah!

    loved the photo of the little one napping, sweet!

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