Pregnancy Round-Up: Week 12

I have reached the magical twelve week mark and am so thankful to have hit it. The second trimester is on its way and after the last few weeks of constant tiredness and nausea I’m looking forward to the pregnancy glow and extra energy I’m supposed to experience. Come on glow, where are you?

The baby is around 2 inches long this week. My stomach has grown already a lot bigger than that. The baby weighs around half a ounce. I have put on far more than that. Nothing is tallying! Joking aside, I have already put on far more weight than I would have liked to. I can blame grazing to get through nausea. I think I’ve just been greedy. I’m really going to have to take control again otherwise I’m going to end up bigger than ever and that really wouldn’t be good.

I’m waiting for next week’s scan with anticipation and nervousness. How I wish I could go back to the earliest couple of pregnancies where scans just meant a glimpse of the baby and whether I’d be able to know the gender. Now it’s all about whether everything is ok. Hoping and praying that everything is ok. I’d appreciate your thoughts and prayers next Monday too.

Are you currently pregnant and blogging about it? If so why don’t you join in? Whether it’s your first or your twentieth I’d love to follow your journey. You don’t have to write your Pregnancy Round-Up post on a Wednesday, just link up each week to your round-up post of the week whenever you’ve put it up. Please do mention within your post that it’s part of the Pregnancy Round-Up posts at Larger Family Life so others can join in if they wish. If you’re in, link up to your post (not your main website page) below!

5 thoughts on “Pregnancy Round-Up: Week 12

  1. Oh Tania, 12 week mark YAY!! I am so pleased for you, that first trimester is exhausting.

    Well, we are at 36 weeks (37 on Monday) and so it's nearly over! Eeek! Now I get to run around panicking that everything is not ready… It works!

  2. I will be praying that your scan shows a nice healthy baby growing as it should. As for weight, I'm done worrying about it, since I'm six weeks away from delivery. 🙂

  3. I only wish I were pregnant again. Been trying for a bit now. Hopefully soon, I will be able to chime in!! congrats on your 12th week of pregnancy! I always loved it when I hit that mark!!!

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