However did you find me?

I like to look through the searches people have carried out to see the terms they used to come across my blog.

It made my day when someone came over after searching for “Brad and Angelina”. It probably didn’t make the searcher’s day though. I’m not so sure they found what they were looking for here.

Recently, one particular search term came to my attention.

“Minnie Mouse has got a funny tummy”.


Please let it have come up due to a previous post where I replaced real people with Disney character names and not because I have a funny tummy.

Or because I look like Minnie Mouse.

Or because am the same age as her.

(Just for the record, Minnie and I have none of these things in common).

5 thoughts on “However did you find me?

  1. That is so funny! I'm going to have to pay attention more closely to the search terms that bring people to my blog. My favorite one lately has been Is it hard to have twins. Everytime I see that I think Oy, is it ever!
    I found you through Blog Frog. Gotta love Blog Frog!

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