Whatever will they think of next?

The joy of raising small boys is wondering what they’ll get up to next.

Like when I walked into the living room earlier this week to find Eddie, 5, and Sid, 4, playing dodgeball.

I should elaborate.

I walked into the living room to find Eddie and Sid playing dodgeball… with their dirty underpants.

8 thoughts on “Whatever will they think of next?

  1. @SoCal FruGal: Ah yes, but one day we may visit you. Then what will you say?!

    @Marilyn: Yep, look forward to it. My kids can tutor your son if you like?

    @Pam, mom, honey: Thank you for that. Seriously. Thank you. Now to not let any of the kids read that comment.

    @~Issy: I don't think you'd have been too impressed at my expression! Probably a mixture of looking horrified and… I don't know… constipated perhaps.

  2. Gotta love having boys around.
    I tell ya, when I had my first boy I had NO clue as to what that would mean. Now I know it's only the beginning.
    But such a fun beginning!

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