Pregnancy Round-Up: Week 9

Well, we made it to nine weeks and I am so thankful. What a history of recurrent miscarriages brings you is a nervousness with each positive pregnancy test, that something may go wrong again.

When you find that you are bleeding that nervousness makes way for full blown fear.

Thank God that we were reassured when I was able to go for a reassurance scan at the hospital at 6 weeks and they found a heartbeat and a baby that fit it’s dates exactly. I’m sure, when that happens I float out of the place!

Since then I’ve been constantly nauseous and found that I can’t allow myself to even begin to feel hungry, or the nausea becomes forty billionty times worse. The downside to this is that I have gained weight like nobody’s business. My goal is to get over this sickness hump then get things back under control. At the moment my main priority is keeping my stomach contents under control, and preferably, keep them internally contained.

The tiredness is still at the knock-you-out stage. The latest I’ve managed to stay up til is 9pm, though most nights I end up falling asleep on the sofa at around 7.30pm. I’d like to think that Michael misses my company during these evenings. I considered asking him if this were true. Then I thought that the reality may result in my becoming a quivering, hormonal wreck at the PC. Then I won’t be able to finish this post and you’ll both my readers all my readers will be sad. So we’ll stick to my theory, shall we?

So, quick round-up of the symptoms this week = Sick, Tired and Fat.

I’ve been applying natural progesterone cream (NPC) twice a day since finding out I was pregnant. By rubbing a small amount on your stomach, upper thighs and breasts twice a day, it absorbs into the body and increases the bodies level of progesterone. This, in turn, decreases the chance of early miscarriage.

I wasn’t completely convinced of the properties of NPC until my previous pregnancy. I had just gone through two more miscarriages (numbers seven and eight) and decided that it was worth a try. Again, I began to bleed but again, like this pregnancy, later found a baby with a strong beating heartbeat. That baby was Oliver. So if you’re nervous about the possibility of miscarrying in the early stages of pregnancy I’d say, give it a go. It won’t do any harm, even if you feel sceptical about whether it will work or not.

I’ve also continued to pray daily to St Gerard Majella for a healthy pregnancy. I believe wholeheartedly in his intercession as the patron of expectant mothers and there are several prayers which can be said to him for those seeking motherhood, for sick children, for patience or for labour. As saints go, he’s got to be the top guy for me!

After having a think about it, Michael and I decided that this time we’d do something different and have booked a 4d scan. It isn’t scheduled until July 1st, when I’ll be around 26 weeks pregnant. At the moment that seems so far away! Still, it’s something to be looking forward to, and a first for us. We’ve never splashed out on anything like this before and the pictures seem to be amazing! I’d love to hear from you if you’ve had it done and what you thought of it.

Next week brings my first appointment with Mary the Midwife who was amused at seeing my name once again on her desk. A booking-in appointment with six children in tow for the ride will be fun (!), and hopefully not very long!

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5 thoughts on “Pregnancy Round-Up: Week 9

  1. Uggghhh I so sympathize with the sickness and tiredness and weight. This is my 7th and I have never felt like this before. I am taking an anti nausea because I have not been sucessful with anything else in the past. I have had the nausea and vommiting with the last 3 pregnancies, But this is about comparable to the twins. I have not been lucky with gaining weight when so sick, And only lost weight with the last 3. WIth these pills I eat like mad, which makes me a little nervous but hopefully will help with not having preemies. I go in on March 10th at 10 weeks for my first ultrasound, can't wait. I have never had a miscarriage, So I don't know what that is like but I will pray for you and send good thoughts. I too after never having one before want a 4d this time. I think it would be neat!!! Anyway will be watching since we are so close in our journey, Good Luck, Michelle

  2. I remember how tired I was with my third pregnancy, I can't even imagine how tired you must be with with eight little ones and one more on the way. Oh, and the homeschooling.
    If I had a way to send some energy I would, I think my 5 year old could spare quite a bit. 🙂

    For me I used to munch on tortilla chips. I couldn't stand crackers but like you as soon as I started to feel hungry, it was all over.

    I'll pray things will go smoothly.

  3. I don't blog about my pregnancy much, but if I ever do I'll join in on the McLinky. My doctor's office now has women come in right away when they find out they are pregnant to test progestrone levels and give a supplement if necessary, so the cream sounds like a great idea to me. Our crisis pregnancy center has a 4D ultrasound machine that was granted to it, and I have the opportunity to have a scan for free (I'm on the board of directors) and I just may take advantage. 😉

  4. I use progesterone cream during my pregnancies as well and haven't had a miscarriage since. I'm in the middle of carrying my 5th since starting it after 2 miscarriages b/c of luteal phase defect. Glad to hear it seems to be working for you. Congratulations on your new baby 😀

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