Introducing the "Pregnancy Round-Up"

Sooo, here we are! No more Monday Weigh-In posts! Well, for a while, at least.

I couldn’t think of a witty title for the weekly pregnancy round-up posts hence plumping for the simple title of… “Pregnancy Round-Up: Week x”. The thing that is already bugging me about it though (apart from the boring title) is that on Mondays I will be X weeks plus five days. So I’m going to make my pregnancy round-up posts on Wednesdays, when I’ll be hitting a new week of pregnancy. I think that’ll make more sense and keep things a little more organised around here, don’t you?

Oh, I really don’t know if I like the title though. That’s going to bother me.

I’d like to ask what you’d like to know though. Do you really want to keep a check on my weight gain? Or did you want to see belly pics, though be warned, the pregnant belly probably won’t be visible through the blubber until around the 38th week of pregnancy! I’ll obviously be documenting this pregnancy and, no doubt, I shall at some point whine about some minor complaint or discomfort. Oh don’t get me wrong, despite feeling terribly blessed and thankful to be pregnant once again, it’s hard to keep your happy face when haemorrhoids are rife. Hmm, what else can I think of to include? How about something that other pregnant ladies can join in with? Like what? I don’t know. Measuring our ankles for fluid retention and comparing? Perhaps not. Maybe I’ll think of something. Or maybe you will! I’d love to hear your ideas and your thoughts on what you think we could include.

For now I shall love you and leave you to wonder how I’ve got on the last week, because I’m sure that I am at the forefront of your mind in all that you do.

I shall report back on Wednesday for the first official update.

Until then… farewell!

6 thoughts on “Introducing the "Pregnancy Round-Up"

  1. Maybe you could post about things that are different this pregnancy. Or how you have changed with each pregnancy. I know that my husband and I have found that we need much less stuff with each child (and not b/c we already have it). Or tell us what your kids are saying about the pregnancy. My 4 yo son didn't believe there was a baby in my tummy until I started showing! He just kept telling us his sister (2 yo) was the baby!

  2. Tania:

    Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog and leaving the sweet comment…

    I look forward to reading more about your beautiful family….


  3. I like the idea of keeping us updated with what your kids think of the pregnancy.

    I thought that I would update more about my pregnancy, but other than announcing that we were expecting #10, posting a belly shot at the request of a reader and then saying that we're having a girl, it hasn't happened. I do have some sweet ultrasound pics if I ever upload them.

    Congratulations again!

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