So did he or didn’t he?

Otherwise titled “If something makes you laugh, share it!”.

Later today we’re going to pick up two new chickens for our garden.

It’s almost two years to the day since we bought our first chickens.

Six of them, we bought. Two Bovan Goldlines, two bovan ambers and two cuckoo marans.

We didn’t have a clue about looking after chickens. We were new to it. We’d never even held a chicken. There was a natural curiosity.

Since then we’ve lost one to a fox attack in our garden, but the others are fine and doing well.  And more importantly, laying well.

Before we bought them we worked hard and prepared. Mike built a chicken house which, when new, looked like this:

It doesn’t look like this any more. It looks, um, darker, thanks to a red mite attack last summer. Resulting in having to kill them via blowtorch. “Them” as in the red mites. Not the chickens. They live on.  Chicken Palace now sports a scorched look. It’s fine. It’s “character”.

Red mite.  


But what of all the blood, sweat and tears that went into building it in the first place? Actually, I don’t recall there being any blood loss, and nobody cried (much). Sweat? That’s debateable really.

But this did happen!  Or did it?

This still makes me laugh so hard I end up crying! I’ve watched it over and over and still can’t get over it!

Now, did Mike hit himself with the hammer or not?!  Because it really looks and sounds like he did.  But if he did, why is there no reaction?!

Watch it again!


No reaction!


You can even hear Ben trying to stifle a snigger as he’s videotaping it all.

We watched this over and over and Mike didn’t even remember doing it. He didn’t remember this happening. Amnesia from a knock on the head perhaps?

To me it does look like he hit himself. To everyone else here it does.

But if he did why didn’t he feel it?!

What do you think? Did he hit himself or not?

Oh and in case you are wondering and thinking I’m a mean wife, I did get permission to post that video on the blog. Really, I did.

9 thoughts on “So did he or didn’t he?

  1. I do believe that was a knock to the head! Yes…yes we all saw! LOL, that rocked. Oh and your chicken palace looks great, who cares if it's now aged a bit. Character…I totally agree. x

  2. Just stopping by to thank you for visiting me on my SITS day and leaving me some blog love! Everyone was so sweet and I really enjoyed the day!


  3. Cute! I'm voting for he didn't, it just looks like it because of no reaction.

    we love our hens, I enjoy hearing about yours!

  4. I'm laughing so hard I'm crying! He most definitely hit himself. Maybe because he was being filmed he didn't make a big deal. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love seeing other people's blogs. And because you made me laugh so hard I almost pee'd you have a new follower, thanks for the laugh!


  5. Oh come on Hen Jen, you're the only one that thinks he didn't! Really?!

    1 Funky Woman, this clip has that effect on me too. Either it's funny or I'm suffering terribly with bladder incontinence.

  6. Sounds like a real adventure. My family had chicken when I was a child and they were fun, but I do remember a time that my dog killed one. I was devastated at the time.

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