The trouble with time…

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… is that it goes too fast.

It’s Friday. Oh it’s Friday! I just realised that as I typed it!

Anyway, it’s Friday. Which means the weekend is coming. Which means there are lots of plans and plenty of things to do and a whole bunch of good intentions.

But then what happens?

It gets to Monday and you look back and Saturday and Sunday shot past so fast that most of the plans are still in place, there are still plenty of things to do and you’ve still got a stack of good intentions. The only difference is that the list has got longer.

How does that happen?

We spend the week looking forward to Friday, thinking it’s going to be the magical day of rest and relaxation.

Instead we end up squeezing in all the stuff we can and before we know it a new week has begun and we’re back to counting down to Friday again.


And what gets me every time is that nothing much seems to have been accomplished. We’ve lived here for over three years. We’re still waiting to finish decorating. We ordered carpets a month and a half ago. The rooms which have been redecorated and are ready and waiting for the carpets to be fitted are stuffed with pap from the other rooms still waiting to be decorated. But we need time!

We need more time!

This weekend is already accounted for. Saturday morning will consist of normal errands… bakery, library, a grocery top up for the weekend while the afternoon will be taking us to a farm to collect our two new chickens.

Sunday, sweet Sunday, brings a morning of getting ready for church. Of screaming kids in showers and bribes of “Hey, you can play K’nex if you just stop jumping about and screaming!”, then church, home for lunch and, hopefully, decorating.

Now that doesn’t look like much.

Why doesn’t it look like much?!

I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of February already. Ten months till Christmas. That’ll go fast too. On the other hand, spring isn’t coming quick enough for me. I’ve had enough of winter. I’m not a winter person. I’ll moan about that in another post some time. I promise.

And why didn’t time go as fast when I was younger? School holidays didn’t come around as quickly as they do now, I’m sure. In fact, I’m certain term times have become shorter the older I’ve become. And oh my goodness, do you remember the birthday and Christmas countdowns?! How long did they go on for?! F-O-R-E-V-E-R wasn’t it?!

While I’m on the subject, where did the last twenty years of my life go?

In my mind’s eye I’m still fifteen years old. 

In reality, I’m not.

In my mind’s eye I’ve still got my natural hair colour.

In reality I’ve got several different shades of Nice’n’Easy and springy grey strands.

In my mind’s eye I’m still skinny. 

In reality –  hahahahahah!


It’s probably time to bring this post to a close.

I don’t want to be wasting any more time, you see.

Till tomorrow.


11 thoughts on “The trouble with time…

  1. This made me laugh. Yep, in my mind I am still a slim, pretty 18 year old …. then I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror as I walk past and get quite a shock!!

  2. Now you know that post wasn't a waste of time! I know how you mean about the weekend disappearing in a flash with nothing much achieved. We've live in this house for more than 7 years now, and it's still not finished – so don't worry! And we're also looking forward to the arrival of new chickens shortly – off to pick up the pedigree eggs next week, then 21 days in the incubator! Springtime fun.

  3. @Mum-me: Yeah, the mirror does give a wake-up call to reality!

    @Casey: Feeling good, thank you! Be glad when the tiredness is over though!

    @Louise: Buongiorno! That was wrong, wasn't it? We need to sort this house out so we can hopefully put it up for sale and move to "the dream"! Exciting about the chicks! What are you hatching? I really want to hatch our own chicks too but need to find the equipment cheap (cheep!) or free(!) first, as it's not on the list of necessities! I talk too much.

  4. Oh my other people have this problem with time too!??! My weekends are never relaxing, since I work all weekend long. It stinks…really. We never have enough hours in the day and my list builds up of stuff that needs sorting before and after work come Saturday morning. Ughh, I hate it!
    On the other hand, you are not alone!!!! xx

  5. @Mesina: It's nice to have company, don't you think?!

    @Melissa B: Can you believe we're almost in March already though? Weeks go by SO fast!

    @Bonni: Why, thank you!

    @Stuff could always be worse: And thank you too!

    @Jenny: Yeah, be afraid. I'm in your head! Whooooo! (That "whoooo!" thing was meant to be a scary ghostie noise. Did it sound like it was meant to?_

    @Hen Jen: So where does it go then? And why does it go faster the older we get? Oh the questions.

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