There’s no business like snow business

We’ve had a few inches of snow here in the UK this last week or so. We’re having an extended cold snap, we’re told. Should that then be a cold snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap?

Anyway, some places have had more than others but one thing remains clear. The UK cannot handle snow. Even a little bit. Even a couple of inches.

Traffic comes to a standstill, roads become treacherous as there isn’t enough grit and salt to make them safe.  People start panic buying at the first sign of snow and all the shops run out of bread and milk and all the basics.

Personally I will not venture out in the snow at all. I most certainly won’t drive in it. I’m just a…

The roads have been so bad that Michael couldn’t get to work for a couple of days.  It was nice having him home.

It meant I could get mucho blogio posts done.

Lucky you.

It also meant that I didn’t have to go in the garden with the small people and partake in snow “fun”.  Snow, for me, is only fun when it is freshly fallen and crisp and white and makes everything pretty and I don’t have to go out in it.

Fun IN the snow is a foreign sentence that does not make sense.  How can you have fun IN the snow? It’s cold.  It’s wet.  It makes you fall down.  That, in my eyes, does not constitute fun.

But thank you dear husband, for enabling me to stay in the nice warm house and blog look after Oliver, while you took the others out for…

For the record, Caitlin took the photos.  Well all but the last one in which she stars.  I took that with the back door ajar.

I also used the back door as a shield while taking this…

Hmm, what is he doing?

Looks like a snowball.  Heh heh, wonder which of the kids will get it?!

Gulp!  Oh no!

Quick!  Snap photo and slam door shut before it hits me!*

*In case you wondered, it missed 🙂

2 thoughts on “There’s no business like snow business

  1. oh wow, look at all that snow! I had heard the UK was colder than usual right now, but I didn't realize that you normally don't get snow…I always imagined it was colder there in the winter.

    stay warm!

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