A surprise and lessons in photography

A few months ago I posted about my poor photography skills.

We discovered the following calculation:

 poor photography skills + cheap and equally poor camera = awful photos.
I made a plea to camera manufacturers to send their idiot-proof cameras to me for testing.  If any of you are reading this now, I repeat that if you need an idiot to test your cameras on, I’m right here!  
And for the record, I’ll only admit to being an idiot when it comes to photography.  I’m pretty great in all other respects.
Anyway, a few weeks later Mr Parcel Postman brought me this…
custom backdrops

… from the lovely Jax all the way in France (*waves*).  Can you see how happy Michael looks?  I was not expecting this at all so when I opened the shoebox it was sent in I squealed like a piglet being castrated.

I was so happy!

Thank you Jax!

So now I have a far better camera but still very bad photography skills.  Even using the word “skills” seems a huge exaggeration.  Perhaps photography abilities would be better?

Now my life is about to change because Lolli at Better in Bulk has started a tutorial in Bloggography (or in laymans terms, a bloggers guide to photography).

Soon I’m sure you will be embraced by my much improved skills abilities.  You’ll be astounded by my wondrous photography and you will want to offer me millions for one, yes one single photo.  You’ll even get to follow my journey to photographing the Queen once word gets out.  All the things to look forward to, huh?

Bet you can’t wait?

So Lolli, here’s the deal.  Not only am I counting on you but also my millions of readers.  We want nice pictures on this blog.  We want beautiful subjects and fancy schmancy tricks.  We want skills.

If you make me a good photographer I’ll send you my firstborn.  And secondborn.

On second thoughts, that may not be such an incentive seeing as they are both going through the horrid teen thing that has me bawling at times.

This is the poopy side of parenting. 

In fact, thinking about it, if you make me a good photographer I won’t send them?

Are you up for the challenge?

6 thoughts on “A surprise and lessons in photography

  1. I won't be much help. I just have great photo editing software. My friend has a photography business here, and she takes gorgeous pictures. But, most of it is just editing. 🙂 She always shoots in raw format so she can do this.

    Can't wait to see some new pictures from that snazzy test camera. 🙂

  2. Thanks for stopping by congrats on your new camera. I am not very good at taking pictures but would love to learn so i can take pics of my products!

  3. I'm pretty good for a mom with a decent camera. 😀 my best advice, is use natural lighting if you can…and don't always center your focus…in other words, that cute boy standing by the tree…don't put him in the center of the frame. 😉

  4. Hahaha.. i laughed at your post (the squealed like a pig part). I'll be sure to follow you now (oh wait, I'm already following you..never mind). But you have to remind me to check when you have pictures to show off! Good luck to you and don't forget to have fun while you're at it!!

  5. Just posted a comment and then it didn't work, so sorry if you get two!
    *waves* back from France – and you're more than welcome with the camera – such a pleasure to send it to you!
    It's quite a simple camera to use really, and practice makes perfect, which is the joy of digital as you can just takes tons and delete as many as you want! If you need more help, get looking for super-cheapo flights and Oliver will give you some lessons – he does love his photography!

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