The things they say

Sid turned to me rubbing his head after having a disagreement with one of his younger brothers.

“Paddy just scratched me on the three-head”.

4 thoughts on “The things they say

  1. kids say strange things. My four year told me a few weeks ago "Mommy my wife when I get married is going to have a big nose"… Huh. I know weird right?

  2. Tanya, I used to ask my mother to scratch my back almost every evening before bedtime. We were really close. It was kind of endearment to her. That was many years ago. She is gone now and I do miss those "scratching moments".

    Don't take for granted those times of special togetherness with our love ones. They as moments of bonding…

    You have your stories, too, right?

    Stay blessed…


  3. @ Everyday Mom Ideas: Perhaps he just has the ability to see into the future?! This did make me laugh.

    @ Luisa: That is so lovely to hear. What a lovely memory.

    @ Mom2my9: Thank you! I've added your button!

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