Sneak peek

Here is a sneak peek of one of my two works in progress.

Yes, that is a pair of gardening gloves. They help to grip the quilt while you’re putting it through the machine. I’m sure that’s not what my lovely friends had planned me to use them for when they gave them to me for my birthday a couple of weeks ago along with other gardening equipment. But my, they are so useful! And appreciated!

Each of the new projects will be a quilt for a couple of dear little girls. Even though the second one is a different design to the first I’ve not posted a picture giving you a sneak peek of it, mainly due to the fact that it’s still currently a bunch of patches and I haven’t quite decided on the final design of it.

I had hoped to get the one above completed a couple of weeks ago but have fallen behind. This hasn’t been helped by my washing machine breaking (*gasp*) and now I have a huge mountain to try to get through.

Any offers of help out there?

Hmm, thought not.

Hopefully I’ll get to finish quilting this weekend and perhaps even get started on the binding.


4 thoughts on “Sneak peek

  1. I love that you quilt!!!!! That is looking gorgeous! Thanks for that e-mail about the study by the way. Do you use a special sewing machine? I have been hand quilting and loving it so far. Although I do like the look of machine quilting I just have a small Janome sew mini for piecing.

    Love Collette xxxx

  2. Wow. Beautiful!!!! I have only made a few quilts, but I love the part of the actual quilting stitching on top best…..tho I can only do it by machine as otherwise I would commit Hari Kari….and frankly I haven't made another one since the last as my machine (old cheap Singer model) kept busting, the quilting was just too much for it and I cussed like a sailor through the process. poor form. So….all this is to say, wow! I'm a bit envious. Such talent. How very cool!

  3. Beautiful. I used to quilt years ago. I genuinly loved it.
    Life for me has changed so much, and so much would have to change in order for me to enjoy that hobby again.
    Your work is truly a work of art.

  4. This is super cute!!! I don't think I have the patience to be a quilter, I don't have the patience for a lot of things. lol But I love looking at quilts.

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