4 thoughts on “"Europeans too selfish to have children"

  1. It's a really good point to be fair! I do notice a huge change in attitude from European to Americans and Europeans do tend to have smaller families. Although the health care is much better in Europe (and more affordable) it is note worthy to say that we do all live closer together here in Europe.
    I suppose people are shying away from either having children at all or having much smaller families, such a shame, there is such joy to be found amidst the chaos. 🙂

  2. Vodka, by that logic, you've done your math wrong. 2 parent equals 2 hands each which equals 4 kids. 😀

    I simply like knowing I have more options, and so do my kids, for elder care, when I am old and feeble. They can split the costs or burden instead of only having 1-2 kids baring all the burden.

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