It’s the Big Baptism this Sunday.

Earlier this week I arranged for money to be transferred to my card in order to pay for the food and drinks for about 70 people for after the service. The food and drinks have been ordered online and due to be paid for and delivered this evening, giving me enough time to cook what needs to be cooked and enough time to set up for Sunday afternoon.

The problem is that the money still hasn’t hit my card. It’s left my bank account but still not hit my card which is supposed to be charged for payment of everything.

So now I have no food or drink for the baptism and £600 floating around somewhere and I can’t get it. It’s not in my bank so I can’t withdraw it from there, and it’s not on my card so I can’t use it on that. It’s nowhere at the moment.

I don’t have extra funds for this at the moment as we also had to pay out for a new boiler this month (£2000) and also still need to pay the mortgage, car tax and regular bills this week.

When it does finally hit my card (probably next week now) it won’t be of any use to me there. I only transferred it for the baptism costs. But if I withdraw it as cash from there I’ll be charged.

Looks like someone or something doesn’t want Sunday to go ahead.

It still will no matter what.

Praying for a miracle.

9 thoughts on “Unbelievable

  1. oh Tania what a nightmare! I feel for you, and so hope something happens to set things right for Sunday. I'm crossing all my fingers and toes for you! x

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