Like butter wouldn’t melt

Doesn’t he look like he’d never do a thing wrong?

Oh and in case you’re wondering, we do let our children eat their cereal with a bowl.


4 thoughts on “Like butter wouldn’t melt

  1. lol! I did this last week, just put a handful of cereal on my daughter's snack table. It didn't work out so well though. She shoved most of it onto the floor and stepped on it. Thanfully the dog came along and hoovered it up.
    A bowl wouldn't have changed things much.
    What a cutie!

  2. My children still prefer to eat cereal dry. What the heck? I encourage milk and a spoon of course, but they just don't care. Maybe one day.

  3. Alas, we fellow Mothers know that angel faces are never angel attitudes! We know you feed them out of a bowl, but he just figured this was a revolutionary new way to eat cereal. Seems like the creative type to me. Love him already. Too cute, but I am immune to cute. *flex*

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