Monday Weigh-In: Week 11

Nothing changes. Everything stays the same. Or at least the scales do.

I can’t believe it! I have stayed within Points this week. I have drunk water. Lots of water. And I’ve been exercising!

And for my efforts I get to stay the same!

What is going on?!

I really thought I’d get somewhere with the increased physical activity at least.

I’m talking about the Wii Sports Active here. What did you think I was referring to?

I’ve done two workouts a day, every day bar one. High intensity workouts too, I might add.

The tough stuff.

I find it very motivating to be honest. It is only my first week of a Barack Obama lookalike of a personal trainer putting me through my thirty day challenge.

My motivation may well change.

I might find it even more motivating if the Wii version of my jiggled realistically as I do. Or in the words of Steph, “Oh mum, put a sports bra on!”.

Some support underwear might be seems to be called for too.

And upper arm supports.

And support stockings.

I’ve even got my very own personal trainer who sits behind me shouting out “You’re fat, mum! You’re fat!” repeatedly. Notice how he stresses the word “FAT!”

Thanks, Sid. But at least I don’t put toilet water over my head.

Stayed the same.


10 thoughts on “Monday Weigh-In: Week 11

  1. Wow, your kids must be motivating! All I have is a mirror that says those things! Haha!

    Stopping in from SITS!

    Have a great week!

  2. I started a new program six weeks ago. I'm in the same boat. No changes in the weight. Can't really understand the whole thing. I'm sweating uncontrollably for over an hour, lifting weights, and doing situps. What the heck? I have only 6 more weeks to achieve my goal of 15 lbs. I think I have a better chance of being struck by lightning.
    Good luck to you.

  3. I lost 70 pounds back in the early 00s and then lost 12 pounds again earlier this year. I ALWAYS can count on weeks like the one you just have. I think sometimes it just happens. It's part of the entire process. I remember my leader telling us over and over again to look at your overall weight loss, not just this week because even those weeks where you only lose .2 ounces make a difference in the long run. My weight came off 0-2 pounds at a time. There were even some weeks I gained…but if I stuck with it, the next week it would always come back off again.

    Water weight's a tricky, tricky thing.

  4. You've hit your plateau, this is when most people quit! Don't quite keep pushing through, you'll start losing again. It may take a week or two.

  5. I've heard muscle weighs more than fat, so maybe your work-outs are building up your muscles.

    I've also heard that weighing alone doesn't always give a true picture of your weight loss. You have to measure waist, upper arms, thighs and hips once a week too. Then if you don't record a weight loss to motivate yourself, you may well notice that you've lost a centimetre or two off the waist or upper arms.

    I have a motivator too. My son keeps telling me I should go on The Biggest Loser!! lol

  6. Thank you all for your encouraging words ladies.

    Vodka Logic: I hope this isn't a long running plateau and this week is better.

    Christina: Yep, I've got the mirror too. Kids and mirror. Motivation in stereo!

    The Blonde Duck: What is interval training? *Blush* because I feel I should know!

    Mary K Brennan: Yes, I had a goal to lose another 14lbs by the end of September. Let's stand and wait for the lightening bolt together shall we?!

    Stephanie Faris: Wow you did great! I hope you're right and that it will come off.

    Lisa Anne: I feel I'm going to be this weight (or heavier) FOREVER!

    Jenny: I have muscles I didn't know I had. How heavy they are I'm not too sure about though!

    Mum-me: I think if I measured too and there was no difference I'd put a recording of me wailing and sobbing on here!

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