Friday Flashbacks – I don’t mean to be rude but…

“Shaddup You Face!”

It made me laugh when I was a small child and it still makes me laugh now.

And it also reminds me of every song my dad tries to sing with his Greek accent.

It’s even funnier to hear his Greek accent try and mimic Joe Dolce’s Italian one on this song.

Fun memory!

8 thoughts on “Friday Flashbacks – I don’t mean to be rude but…

  1. uh oh, now I have to run over to my guy's PC and listen to this! I have no sound on my pc at the moment since…the eldest broke my headset. The nerve!

    I bet it's funny 😀

  2. Love it…and it would probably be considered 'politically incorrect' nowadays (which may be why I enjoyed seeing it again all the more)!

  3. Ay!…..What's a-matta-you? 😀

    How funny…..and how about the costumes or the fact that they aren't playing the music? 😀

    Thanks for sharing….

    Have a beautiful day.

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