The other night the children asked why “Penny Sweets” were so-called when they cost more than a penny. We explained that when we were younger they only cost a penny, or even half a penny (because we had that currency waaaayy back then).

Now apart from feeling incredulously old at saying the words “…when we were younger…” it also got me thinking about all the things I remember from my childhood*. (* Insert “Timetravel” type sounds).

And then I decided that I would blog about all the things I remember from my childhood*.

But it turns out my memory is far better than I first thought because I have lots of things that I remember from my childhood*.

So I have decided to create a weekly slot dedicated solely to the things I remember from my childhood*. (My blog – my way. OK?).

And it will be called “Friday Flashbacks!* (* insert timetravel type sounds) and in case it isn’t clear in the title, will be updated on Fridays. Mostly. Well I’ll try my best.

And as it’ll become apparent that my memory banks are probably very limited please do let me know your own memories from your childhood.

And one day when we’re old and grey and suffering from Alzeimers we can read the extensive (*cough*) collection of things we were once able to recall.

But already I’m going to bend the rules a little because my first memory isn’t actually a memory as it was from the year before I was born. (Yes really. You say I don’t look that old? Really?! Why thank you! *Blush*).

Anyway, as I was saying, this isn’t actually a memory but it is made up of two things/people that are from my childhood.

#1. Stevie Wonder – What a legend! Need I say any more?!

#2. Grover – What a legend!! Need I say any more?!! And I hasten to add that Sesame Street was the original Spanish tutor long before Dora the Explorer was even an embryo.

So here it is. Enjoy!

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