Guilt-free gaming

When you’re a parent it’s easy to feel guilty if you sneak off for a quick game of Pathwords on Facebook.

Or it would be if you weren’t concentrating on making the biggest word out of the letters “ZZBQJJFZT” while simultaneously trying to ignore two of the children fighting over a pin sized piece of Blu-Tac and another child yelling “I’m fiiiiin-iiiished!!!” from the bathroom.

Until now, my friends!

Here is a site that not only allows you to test your knowledge of the english language but also donates money to charity for each correct answer you give.

Aid to Children pays 0.25 Canadian cents to World Vision every time you choose the correct definition of the given word. This is approximately 0.15p. Every 25 cents you raise provides a meal for one child.

And there’s more.

There are four answers to choose from, and they get progressively harder as you work your way through the 26 levels.

So grab a coffee and take a well deserved break. And if the kids are shouting for attention you can tell them to go and read quietly or something because you are doing some charity work.

And they’ll ignore you.

But that’s ok because you’ll be too busy concentrating on reaching the highest level.

I bet I can beat you.


Ok then, let’s go!

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