No such thing as co-incidence




Those of you who know us or are familiar with our old blog may know of our history of recurrent miscarriages. Last year was very difficult, having experienced miscarriages seven and eight. A month after the eight miscarriage I found out I was pregnant again, but soon after getting the positive pregnancy test found myself bleeding again.  We were hurting so much. Why did it keep happening? Why did it seem it was happening again? It didn’t make sense. I was angry at God for seemingly wanting to put us through this pain and hurt all over again.

Still worrying about whether I would successfully carry this pregnancy to term, or whether we would be experiencing our ninth loss, we decided to sponsor a child. For our first sponsorship we went through World Vision and after sitting for what seemed like an eternity, looking at picture after picture and reading about child after child, I found myself drawn to a little 3 year old boy in Honduras. I looked at Eddie, my own three old and imagined how different their lives were. For some reason I was drawn to this sombre looking boy. Some people end up sponsoring a child whose smile they liked, or whose birthday is the same as theirs or their own children. There was no particular reason like that for me. I was just drawn.

So, still in the relatively early stages of sponsoring we haven’t exchanged many letters. I have sent a few, and received one so far in return given that the whole process takes approximately three months per letter. In my last one I broke the news that we were expecting our new baby very soon.

Our new baby, ended up being born on our sponsored child’s fourth birthday last week.

Co-incidence, I’m not sure about. I do think there was a plan in place for us even when we were in our darkest moments and couldn’t see it and not for the first time in our lives either.

Sometimes you (and yes, I mean “me”) have to work on trusting more that there is a plan just for you, even though you haven’t realised it yet.

It’s something I plan to work on.


You too can sponsor a child through Worldvision at

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  1. Hi, really pleased to hear you chose to sponsor a child through World Vision and it’s great to hear your support has helped them reach their 4th birthday. We’re working towards recruiting 5,000 new sponsors this week, fingers crossed we’ll reach our goal. Wishing you much joy with your new baby!

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