These weren’t the pounds I wanted!

God has a sense of humour. I asked if he could see his way to sending us a few extra pounds here and there. You know, because we haven’t had a boiler for the last two months and need to get one before the winter arrives otherwise we’ll be cold. And because the MOT is due on the minibus next week. And because… the list could go on!

Ask and you shall receive, right? Oh yes! I’ve got lots of pounds, but they’re the wrong sort! I’ve got the physical, stick-them-to-my-legs-and-belly-and-bum-pounds. I was talking about the sterling £’s. Obviously there’s been a mix up somewhere. A game of chinese whispers has gone seriously wrong.

I lost the baby weight quite easily after the first three children. Still in the UK Size 10’s at five months pregnant with number four wouldn’t you know. After that it all went downhill. As did various parts of my body. Gravity became the enemy.

I lost some weight after each consecutive pregnancy. I didn’t lose enough. So last week I decided to face facts and say out loud that I need to do something positive. I need to do something. I need to get rid of a whole heap of weight. I’m nearly twice the woman I once was, and though it sounds great for those lucky enough to know me (*cough*) it’s not actually that fantastic.

This is my chance to do something once and for all to get back to being healthier and slimmer. I really don’t want to look dreadful in the photo’s when my children get baptised later this year. (Six of them. At once. It’s going to be an occasion!). I want to wear a nice outfit and look pretty.

What have I done so far? Well last week I joined an online slimming club. It’s one I’ve never tried before but heard good things about so we’ll see how it goes. And for added incentive, take a look at this! Here is a picture of me at my starting weight last week:

And here is what I’m going to look like next week! (Oh if only it were that simple!)

How cool is that?! If you want to do your own have a look at My Virtual Model’s Weight Loss Simulator. I really want to be picture two.

I ummed and aahed about whether to blog about this but thought it might make me accountable if I told you all. I’ve also ummed and ahhed about whether to post my weight because yes, I’m embarrassed. But hey, I’m sure you’ll support me… won’t you? And if anyone wants to join in with me please do. It’ll be good to have some company.

So here’s the deal. My statistics are as follow:

Height: 5′ 4″ (I think. I’m sure I used to be taller but I think I’m shrinking).

Starting Weight as of last Monday: 13 st 5lbs. (Oh dear).

First Goal Weight: 10st 7lbs

Final Goal Weight: 9st 7lbs

Each Monday will be weigh-in day and I’ll aim to report here on my progress. If you’re joining in feel free add your progress each week too. I’ve decided to split my goal into two as looking at the amount I need to lose seems rather large to face all at once, so I’m aiming for the first forty pounds (that doesn’t sound so much, does it?!), and the final stone or so after that. That’s the theory anyway!

As I began last week my first weigh-in will be tonight. I know I’ve lost a fair bit this week as it was mainly fluid retention I’m sure. It’ll start slowing down significantly as soon as my body settles but I’ll try and treat it like I’m eating a low fat elephant and take one bite at a time!

4 thoughts on “These weren’t the pounds I wanted!

  1. Good luck hun, I`m behind you all the way!
    I`d join you if I wasn`t currently incubating no.5.
    You go girl.
    I`ll be doing exactly the same once my new little girl pops out.
    Crazy xx

  2. Well done – it's like AA – you have to announce "who" you are – you've done that! I'm in the same position, but I must have not been public enough as I'm getting nowhere yet! I need to lose 25kg (not sure how much that is) at least, preferably 30kg.
    I would strongly recommend Paul McKenna's book and CD "I can make you thin" – I lost 5kg quite promptly when I was listening to it every day, and it has stayed off. Now I just need to find time to keep listening every day LOL!
    Go for it – it'll be worth it!

  3. Crazymaisey – I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well and you don't have too many excess lbs remaining!

    Jax – why don't you join me on the journey. I could do with the company!

  4. Will do – and a friend or two and I have an FB diet group if you're interested in some support and back-up?!

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