This is how Harry can often be found:

Sometimes in his clothes…

Sometimes in his pyjamas:

And sometimes he’ll be here…

… which is where he sat for almost two hours until he’d read one book from start to finish.

A visit to the library results in bringing home a shopping bag full of books which are read within a matter of days. One visit a week is seemingly not enough.

Harry doesn’t mind what he reads. He’ll read anything. And then he’ll go back and read it again. Which is lucky as I’ve lost count of the number of books he’s read this week alone and all I know is that we’re rapidly running out of unread books in the house. And that’s saying something as we have a lot of books.

It’s catching too. The younger ones see him settling down with a book and then join him. In fact, only one child so far hasn’t got addicted to books.

I couldn’t think of a better habit for them to get into.

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