Bagging a bargain

Mike and I are always so happy to find things we need (or want!) at a bargain price. While we’re not extravagant in the slightest, there is still plenty of room for improvement in our spending habits and so, given that we made the pledge a couple of years ago to become debt free, we can finally see the end in sight.

Having said that, given the state of the economy, and the uncertainty of not knowing what lies around the corner, needs state that becoming even more frugal is somewhat of a necessity in order to make our lives better sooner rather than later.

Clothes are normally bought in the sales, or at discount centres. Food is bought according to budget. If we don’t have enough for something we don’t buy it. If we want or need something we save for it first. We know that things like the car tax and MOT will be due, and that Christmas will come around every December 25th and we save for it rather than do what we once did and go into debt for it and spend the next x months paying it off.

We’re having to constantly re-educate ourselves about money, and all the while we kick ourselves for ever having taken on the debt monster in the first place. And for what? We don’t even remember!

We try to pass on what we’ve learnt and are still learning onto the children. We would like them to avoid falling into the traps of poor money management and spending like there’s no tomorrow. We’d like them to think of the future and the “what ifs” of the spend or save scenario before them and how their lives would be affected. But it’s pointless wanting all this for them if we don’t lead by example and actually show them.

One thing though, is that we’ve never gone without. By God’s grace I’m sure, we’ve always managed to make ends meet no matter what, even when some unexpected bill has come up or the washing machine has broken down and needed replacing urgently.

When Stephanie came home from school one day a few months ago and said that her piano teacher recommended she had a proper piano in order to practice on rather than the full size keyboard we already had, we scoffed. No way was that on the list at any point in the future. Completely unaffordable, unnecessary and unthinkable so you can get that idea out of your head.

A few months later look what we found quite unexpectedly…

… for the bargain price of £2.99!

Yes, a full size piano for under three pounds! I was thrilled to say the least and although it took some furniture rearranging we just managed to squeeze it in. In all honesty, I still had to pay another £70 odd to have it brought over but still, in my eyes, a wonderful, fantastic and unexpected bargain that will benefit the whole family.

Does anyone else have any good bargain finds?

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