A decision on our decision

Last week I posted about our decision to homeschool the children from Harry down. Having discussed the matter further, done more research and talked to the children we have also decided that Caitlin too will be homeschooled.

We’ve also brought forward the time from September, as it seemed pointless to wait so long when we were certain of our decision. Caitlin and Harry will now not be returning to school after the next half term, meaning they have just five weeks left.

We’re all looking forward to the next phase and also a little apprehensive. On the one hand the enormity of the responsibility of taking on their whole education ourselves is quite overwhelming, whilst other hand, we’ve been teaching our children something or other since the moment they were born.

Despite that, one thing that we’re certain of is that we’re doing the right thing. There hasn’t been a single reason behind our decision to be the main educators of our children, but several of them including (*shock*)… spending more time with them!

So here’s to our new journey… together.

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