I don’t think patience is my thing.

In fact, I know it’s not.

It’s been over two weeks since I wrote to our sponsored children. Two whole weeks. And I feel like it’s been years.

Both World Vision and Compassion state a turnaround time of 3 -4 months for letters to be sent over, read and responded to. That’s an age! Despite knowing that it is highly unlikely to hear back so soon it doesn’t prevent me from looking through hopefully at the letters on the doormat after the postman has been.

I’m keen to know more about these children whose photographs are displayed with our own. I’m desperate to know that they are ok. Are they happy? What do they like doing? What do they hope for? So many questions and things that I want to know about them like I know about my own children.

Most of all I want to know that they are safe.

So I’m counting the days and wondering if they’ve received our letters. Did they get the pictures Harry drew for them, and the letter Caitlin wrote to them? Do they know that there is a family hundreds of miles away that think of them and say a prayer for them every day? Do they know that they are always in my thoughts and my heart?

I hope they do.

One thought on “I don’t think patience is my thing.

  1. We also sponsor 2 kids with Compassion. I agree that the turnaround seems forever. You know that you can also write to them online too right? I think it gets there a little faster.

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