Everything is breaking!

When one thing in this house breaks down or goes wrong it seems to be the first of many. And always at a time when it’s not possible to replace them because any spare cash isn’t actually spare but earmarked elsewhere.

Why is this?

During the last two weeks the multifunction system finally gave up the ghost. No printing or scanning or photocopying homework for the older ones, and pictures and worksheets for the younger ones. Oh and there’s that “work” thing that it’s quite handy for too.

The four slice toaster has decided that only two slices will work. That’s not a huge worry. There’s still the grill.

The house phones are well on their way out. One base and phone is barely audible, and so out of use. The second will work when it wants to. And if it’s had enough of your conversation it will terminate the call. I didn’t realise my conversations were so boring that even my phone would give up the will to live.

And now the tumble dryer has packed up. Great. This is the one that hurts a little more. Our laundry pile is now going to be even more fun to get through. Joy, oh joy.

Still, let’s be optimistic.

At least the electricity bill will be a little smaller!


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