Twin Pregnancy Diary – 12 weeks 5 days

Now that we’ve been reassured that the babies are doing well and are growing happily and healthily behind my lovingly placed layers of fat, my mind has turned to all the things we need to do in preparation for them. Whilst we obviously do have baby equipment and know the things we do use and… Read More

Twin Pregnancy Diary – 12 weeks 4 days

Yesterday was the first official scan to check on the twins’ development and overall health. After the stress of my pregnancy with Oliver I find myself getting very anxious and worried before scans now. I yearn for the days where I used to look forward to them with such naivety. Then it was simply another… Read More

Twin Pregnancy Diary – 10 weeks 6 days

      I went along to my booking in appointment with the midwife on Tuesday with seven children in tow.  I don’t know that she was very impressed. You tend to find that people assume you have a network of help and childcare available for such things. They know you have a few kids… Read More

Twin Pregnancy Diary – 10 weeks 3 days

  I can’t believe we are nearing the end of the first trimester already. Between the speed at which these first few months have gone, together with the shorter third trimester (taking into consideration that full term for twins is around 37 weeks), I have a feeling that this pregnancy is going to fly by.… Read More