Twin Pregnancy Diary – 12 weeks 5 days

Now that we’ve been reassured that the babies are doing well and are growing happily and healthily behind my lovingly placed layers of fat, my mind has turned to all the things we need to do in preparation for them. Whilst we obviously do have baby equipment and know the things we do use and the things which are, quite frankly, a waste of time and money and only purpose to line the pockets of the manufacturers, we still have to double up on quite a few things. We’ve also discovered that travel systems for twins are expensive, but with eight children aged eight and under to secure every time we get in and out of the minibus, a clip-onto-the-bus-then-off-onto-the-buggy contraption is very much worth the immense tightening of belts that is going to need to be done. And do you know what? eBay isn’t the great bargain hunting paradise it once was either.

I’m wondering if by having only singletons so far, I’ve missed something that’s a must have for multiples.  Do you know of anything that you absolutely couldn’t do without and that saved your sanity, either during pregnancy or once the babies arrived?

I’m currently working through the list of items we need to sort out in order to do some serious bargain hunting over the next few months. I do like to have everything ready and in order. I do feel like I need to prepare and organise early on so that if complications arise towards the last few weeks of the pregnancy, we only have to focus on sorting out the basics – house, Mike’s job and the children. Things are tough enough when your family is miles away and you don’t normally have a support network in place. We are incredibly lucky to have great neighbours though. The problem lies with us usually admitting we could with help. Sometimes, being used to living so independently of accepting others’ help creates a rod for your own back!

Anyway, blessed as we feel to be in this position, that is my current state of mind at the moment. Like I said, I think I just like to worry. I’m sure I could find something to worry about if I were ever in danger of everything being perfect. I’d worry about not having something to worry about. *Tut*.

To change the subject, I’ve been bugged for asked about pregnancy belly pictures. I thought it might be fun this time to record my expanding bump. You have to promise to ignore my expanding bum, though. If that’s a deal, then here you go.

Twin pregnancy belly pic – 12 weeks and 4 days

This was taken yesterday at 12 weeks and 4 days. Let’s see how big it’ll get! (My belly. Not my bum).  I’ll be uploading all of the twins’ scan photos and belly pics into one album on the Larger Family Life Facebook page so do feel free to become a friend over there.  It’s always nice to make new friends.

I’m off to create a Twins Shopping List Spreadsheet now.  I do love a spreadsheet!  I’m sure I’m not the only one who can exalt their benefits.  I’m sure I’m not!  Am I?!


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2 thoughts on “Twin Pregnancy Diary – 12 weeks 5 days

  1. Tania I love how organized you are approaching these twinsies! You look great and I am excited to hear how well you and babies are doing! Amber

  2. have you heard of kids kloset, they have them once or twice a year in alot of communities, it would be a great way to find a good stroller and such. I am so so so excited for you

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