How to make natural wood polish with beeswax

    A completely natural way to care for your wood furniture that doubles up as a moisturiser too! Wood you believe it? (Sorry, we couldn’t resist!)   Ingredients: 2oz beeswax 6oz olive oil Essential oils of choice to scent (optional)   Method: Melt the beeswax in a bain marie or double boiler until it… Read More

How to make your own furniture polish with olive oil and lemon juice

    You don’t need to use an expensive olive oil for this polish. Inexpensive brands will work just as well and have exactly the same effect.   Ingredients: 250ml olive oil 100ml lemon juice   Method: Pour both ingredients into a trigger spray bottle. Amazon have a very cheap selection. Make sure the bottle… Read More

Save money, stop waste – Eat food past its ‘best before’ date

    No, I haven’t completely lost my mind.  Hear me out. According to the website Love Food Hate Waste we throw out more than 15 million tonnes of food in the UK each year.  Almost 50% of this figure, they say, comes from our homes. Every week families throughout the UK spend money on food… Read More

How to make homemade glass cleaning spray

    Forget store bought glass and window cleaning sprays. You can make your own with just two ingredients at a fraction of the cost. A 50 pence bottle of distilled vinegar makes almost four batches of this glass cleaning mixture, resulting in each batch costing little over 12 pence a bottle. That’s a big… Read More

How to make your own laundry detergent

    Three ingredients is all it takes to make almost 5 litres of your very own laundry detergent. At only 50 pence per unit the total cost comes to only £1.50 – a huge saving on store bought washing powder!   Ingredients: 2 x Dove Soap Bars 500g Soda Crystals 4.5 litres water  … Read More

Budgeting the Old-Fashioned Way

    Budgeting is a fairly simple process once you know how. You might have observed your grandmother perform miracles with much less than what you probably earn today. Of course, things were much cheaper back then. But the fact remains that you can develop a talent for saving in a simple and realistic manner.… Read More