How to make your own laundry detergent


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Three ingredients is all it takes to make almost 5 litres of your very own laundry detergent. At only 50 pence per unit the total cost comes to only £1.50 – a huge saving on store bought washing powder!



2 x Dove Soap Bars

500g Soda Crystals

4.5 litres water



Grate the soap bars into a very large pan. You’ll be adding a lot of water and the mixture will rise as it boils, so you need to ensure there is plenty of room for it to do so without over spilling. Needing a very large pan is no exaggeration!

Cover the grated soap with water and stir over a medium heat until melted.

Add 4.5 litres of boiling water to the mixture.

Add the soda crystals, continuing to stir until mixture thickens.

Once thickened allow to cool in the pan. The more it cools the thicker it will become, forming a thick white ‘gloopy’ substance. This is what you want.

Once cooled you can transfer to a lidded container. Ensure it is clearly labelled and stored out of the reach of children.

Use a cupful in place of your washing powder for every load.



























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