Why Experiences Make Better Gifts Than Things (And How to Give Them)

    We have just emerged from a very busy birthday-filled fortnight in our house. Mike’s birthday falls at the end of January and Ben’s, Harry’s and Tim’s follow within the next two weeks or so. In another couple of weeks our first (and currently only) grandchild Oscar celebrates his first birthday, except he was… Read More

A Two-Month Trip Through Europe With 10 Kids? Now That’s What I Call Adventure!

  You, on the other hand, may call it madness. I could maybe, sort of, perhaps and at a push understand why. With little over five weeks left until our European travels begin, I am once again finding myself in the final throes of organisation and preparation for the event. Co-ordinating and packing for a… Read More

A is for ‘Adventure’, ‘Abseil’, ‘ArcelorMittal Orbit’ and ‘Aargh! I’m really going to do this!’

  In the last few weeks of my brother’s life he talked a great deal about what he wanted me to remember, what he wanted me to pass on to the children and what he wanted me to do. Through the simple incidence of being my little brother Jimmy knew that I would struggle with losing him… Read More

Days Out Review: Getting Physical With Go Ape Tree Top Adventure

  This week saw Caitlin celebrating yet another birthday. Honestly, with the speed at which her birthdays seem to come around I’m sure she must be about 64 by now or something. She is insistent that she’s only turned 17 which is fine by me because if she were 64 I would be almost 90,… Read More